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A 24 year old girl in a digital world.

A Love Letter To Myself and Why Every Girl Should Write One.


Often times us women tend to give out all our love and never receive anythingin return. To family , to friends, to lost or current lovers. You try to fix everybody but only end up losing yourself. But oh darling you should never lose yourself trying to fix everyone else. See I do so much in a days times, so much crying, so much working, so much school. What good have I done? Am I really doing any good at all? Questions I had to stop and ask myself. See this love letter is not just about bragging its about recognition. Admiration for all the things I forget to see. A remembrance for all the things Iwant to be. SO…

Dear Imani,

You know you are going to win because you put God above anything else like no one I have ever seen. Your smile lights up a room. Almost…

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